10 idee regalo per lei: regali per donna per ogni occasione

regali per lei

Hello man! If you have landed here, it means that what you need is our list of 10 gift ideas for you. It is always a difficult task to guess the perfect gift for a woman but thanks to us you will see that your task will seem easier to you. Everything (or more or less) what a woman craves is right on this list of gifts for women.

It may be that your sweetheart does not miss an opportunity to come up with an anniversary to celebrate to receive some presents: the first meeting, the first kiss, the first time you said “I love you” and other important moments, sweet and honey-soaked to give diabetes. If you are one of those poor men in crisis, a list of gift ideas for you will help you get out of the way you are.

Right now you are regretting the good times when you were “happily single” (but to whom do you want to give it to drink!)? Come on, basically we know that without you she would feel lost and that’s why you are now reading this blessed post, looking for a solution to your problems. We will name your saviors and guardian angels, even if to tell the truth, the gifts for women, which turns you, are always the same. The trick is to mark the shade of blue of the bag you gave her last time, so as not to run into a terrible mistake. For you the colors are all the same or almost, unless you’re a graphic designer, then you’re certainly more fussy than she is. No more talk! Here are our 10 gift ideas for you.

gifts for women

The 10 gift ideas for her

  • A photo album
    Yes, a photo album. Here, if you used to make mountains of photos maybe it’s not a good idea, you would spend a fortune and put a mortgage on your mother’s house (live with your family … don’t hide!). However, this is a very sweet idea. You could decorate the album with lots of little flowers, decorate it with so many glittery stones … Mmm … ah, right. You are a man. We had forgotten … It is likely that these things will also make you turn your stomach a little. Hey! This is one of the gifts for women! So please …
  • A bag
    Among the gift ideas for her, you can’t forget that bags for a woman are never enough and that they exist for various occasions and of various sizes. Among the most desired gifts for women, it is the bag that dominates and will make every girl or wife happy. A clutch, a clutch bag, a shopping bag or a baguette! Not the bread !! Always better to point out with you, man! But you have to learn!
  • A book
    Every night, when you take her back, instead of going to bed immediately, would you rather stay a good half hour in the company of her books? A book can really be a woman’s best friend, because in it she finds everything she can’t get from real life. That’s why you couldn’t miss on our gift ideas list for her. Make sure of his tastes before buying books like “7 kilos in 7 days”. If you don’t want to die young, we recommend that you check your bookstore well.
  • Clothes
    Each garment (carefully chosen!) Is one of the gifts for women that can brighten up your day. Same problem with the bags. Do you know the various models of trousers or skirts? Do you know which garment gives her the most and what makes her feel improbable (exaggerate, don’t despair)? Model capri, pinocchietti, shorts, hot pants, high waist, low waist, longuette, mini … we suggest you have a friend accompany you, you might not go home. The list of gift ideas for her is getting longer …
  • The casket of his favorite TV series
    Among the gifts for women, the box with the dvds of his most beloved TV series can only drive you crazy with joy! But at least you know the TV series she’s passionate about? Or when you talk about it do you isolate yourself in your world or worse do you start playing Candy Crush on your smartphone? Very bad! Because this is really one of the many great gift ideas for her. Listen … if you don’t want to fail, ask your best friend or brother. Sex and the City , A Mom for Friends , Witches may not be the only solution. They also watch series like Game of Thrones or Arrow
  • A romantic dinner
    A nice dinner in a nice and reserved restaurant is what we could not absolutely forget to include in the list of the most suitable gifts for women. Imagine candles that give a soft glow to the environment, a rose from the centerpiece, a bottle of champagne and a violin that plays the notes of your song. Wouldn’t you like to find yourself there right now? If the answer is yes, then you have found the right gift. Okay … we know so much that what you were thinking about was after dinner!
  • Jewelry
    We were about to forget about the jewels in this list of gift ideas for her! Let’s fix it right away. If you don’t want to get married for at least the next 5/10 years, we strongly advise you not to buy a ring at all. Even silver, bronze, lead or wire, a ring implies a binding promise with yours. Focus on something else: bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Not all jewelry can be expensive. The high price is not necessarily synonymous with beauty. Thanks to the Swarovski discount code , you can buy every kind of jewelery at discounted prices.
  • A ticket for a concert
    A ticket for the concert of his favorite band or singer is certainly one of the most appreciated gifts for women. If it hums at any time, even when it shouldn’t, like at a friend’s wedding, just during the exchange of faiths, you can be sure that an evening spent screaming at the top of your lungs is exactly what you need. Do your tastes match? Better! You will pass together shouting and singing holding hands and shaking a lighter. Do you listen to songs that even under torture could convince you to sing? Leave her alone for one night … in the meantime you can hurry up on the couch and play Call of Duty .
  • Make-up
    Ok, not all women wear make-up. Some don’t even know what a lipgloss is … If yours is a soap and water girl, we suggest you continue. If, instead, it does nothing but follow tutorials on Youtube on how to best use the pen brush or the angled one, then the make-up is definitely to be kept in your list of gift ideas for her. The Kiko coupon offered by Savoo, an expert in savings, will allow you to buy all the products you need to please you!
  • Technology
    Our gift ideas list ends here. A technological accessory, from a smartphone, tablet or bluetooth headset, could be one of the most appropriate gifts for women, especially if your better half is a hi-tech fanatic. There are now many women a bit “geeky” , able to compete with so many men. Maybe it was her that got you the wi-fi connection in your home!

Dear desperate man, we hope that this list has served you at least a little and that you have clarified your ideas a little. Good gift hunting!

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